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Oil & Fluid Sampling Bottles

Our sampling bottles are available in a wide range of sizes in a variety of formats, including clear or opaque plastic, glass and tin. All of the sampling bottles are very strong, durable and come pre-marked with volume indicators (in milliliters) printed on the side.

We can provide you with the perfect, clean and safe solution for all of your oil or fluid sampling requirements.

Our plastic sampling bottle range is ideal for taking any sort of samples. Made from high quality HDPE and PETG plastics, ready for sampling without contaminating your results.

PETG Bottle Collection

 These bottles are renowned for their durability, toughness, outstanding chemical resistance, and high impact strength making them the perfect solution for all your sampling requirements.

Embrace the renowned reputation of PETG in the world of plastics, ensuring that your fluid sampling experience is elevated to new heights.

Our Glass Sampling Bottles are extremely strong and allow samples to be safely and securely stored. The Glass Bottle Range includes clear bottles, allowing visible checking of your sample(s) and amber bottles to keep delicate samples protected from the likes of UV lighting.

Sample tin collection

Our Sampling Tins allow for a safe storage for a large range of samples. Whatever the need the sampling tins could be just what you need.

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