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MagUclip - Magnetic Clip Fixings

The FA-ST MagUclip magnetic clip fixing system is a quick and easy solution for holding the vacuum sampling pump and various other tools and providing a hands-free way of working. The MagUclip will hold approx. 500g of weight (downward pull).

When working in hard to access areas the MagUclip is your perfect companion. We all know how annoying it is to be working in a restricted space and what always happens? You can never find the tool you just put down which has just developed a mind of its own and is now sitting just out of arms reach, well now that problem is solved by using our MagUclip you will now be able to effectively have a tool rack wherever you are as long as you have a magnetic surface.

Also whilst out on site our engineers found another fantastic use for them, holding torches. We all know how difficult it can be trying to hold a torch in one hand and trying to work with the other hand or having your mate shining the light at the back of your head may be fun. Use our MagUclip to hold the torch for you and the light is shining exactly where you want it all the time. MagUclips are also brilliant for assistance in taking samples they can hold the pump securely and level.

Technical Data

Ferrite magnets can be used up to +180°C but may start to show some signs of weakening (demagnetization) when used in sub-zero conditions (e.g. -10°C to -20°C). The design and application determines the actual optimal operating temperature range.

The optimum pull force of the magnet is released when the surface is made of steel and is flat, clean and has a thick cross section. For example a magnet may exert a force of 25kg on a 1mm thick piece of steel metal but exert a force 250kg on a sheet plate greater than 10mm thick.


Health & Safety

  • Do NOT use in explosive environments

  • Very powerful magnet: Handle with care

  • Do NOT give these magnets to children

  • May affect operation of some watches

  • Magnets can adversely affect pacemakers

  • Do NOT allow magnets to fly together: They may shatter

  • Do NOT place within 300mm of credit cards, floppy discs or hard drives

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