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Coolant Analysis Service

Our coolant analysis service tests your coolant for: levels of contamination, system wear and its chemical make-up. These tests (detailed below) are performed in laboratory conditions and the findings along with any recommendations or required actions, will be detailed to you in a comprehensive report.

The FA-ST complete (UK) coolant analysis & sampling kit (COOLKIT1) - featured below - is perfect for you to submit your coolant samples to us. The kit can be used with all coolants and comes with a pre-paid jiffy bag and return address label, and is inclusive of the coolant analysis service.

Kit Contents

60ml PETG sample bottle, sample tubing, equipment ID labels, re-sealable plastic bag and a pre-paid, addressed postal jiffy bag to return your sample.

All-inclusive coolant analysis service

Price is inclusive of the laboratory coolant analysis, recommendations and comprehensive report, which will be issued to you in PDF format via e-mail.

Fast Service Turnaround

Turnaround time from receipt of the sample in our laboratory to return of your report and recommendations is 2-4 working days.

Coolant Analysis Kit

Coolant Analysis Tests Performed

Contamination testing is split into a number of different individual tests. We will perform:

  • Glycol Volume Testing - This determines the presence of ethylene glycol used in coolant.

  • Solid Volume Testing - Total Dissolved Solids examines the combined content of all inorganic and organic substances contained in coolant.

  • Sediment Testing - These determine the amount of free sediment in the coolant.

  • Appearance - This includes the colour and to visually see whether the coolant is in good clear condition.

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