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Oil Filtration Station

FA-ST Ltd's oil filtration station removes dirt & dust particles and water from oils, eliminating the need for costly new oil changes. Using our hydraulic oil filtering station to clean up your oils, will lengthen equipment and component life and protects your system and equipment against unwanted breakdowns.

New oil is never supplied clean enough to add straight to machinery and should always be filtered before use. Contamination can cause increased wear and damage to costly parts and equipment.

Benefits of an Oil filtration station

Contamination Resolution

Highly effective solution to remove particulate and water contamination from contaminated oils.

Simple Maintenance

Installation and maintenance is easy and our customer service team is on hand to fully support you - or we can do it for you.

Cost Effective

Reduces maintenance costs of your machinery and utilises low cost replacement filter cartridges.

Installation Service Available

We can come out and install your oil filtration station for you on-site.

Fully Automated Control

Filtration cabinet operation can be fully automated and controlled by a timer.

Reduce Oil Costs

Reduce the amount of new oil that you have to purchase by cleaning and re-using your used oil.

Extends Machinery Oil Lifespan

Keeps your oil clean and dry, extending it's lifespan and the lifespan of your machinery.

Reduces Component Failures

Proven to reduce the amount of component failures in your machinery, due to cleaner running.

UK Manufactured

All of our filtration cabinets are made to order and are manufactured by us in the UK.

More Details

Fully automated or manual control filtration cabinet which can be wall mounted or with a steel support stand. The unit can be supplied in 230v or 110v, with a 24-7 inbuilt time control or manual control, warning lights, filter block indicator, steel bund with float switch and internal strip light. Twin super duty filter housings with 3 micron and water absorbing filter elements to remove particulate down to NAS class 5, ISO 16/14/11. Externally the unit has an isolator switch and emergency stop switch and also has a flashing warning beacon which is magnetically mounted so that it can be mounted to any suitable steelwork to make it clearly visible.

The suction and return lines are fitted with quick release coupling that connect to the drum connector to eliminate any dirt/dust ingress during filtration. A Des-Case desiccant breather connects to the 3/4" drum port to prevent moisture ingress during filtration.

A used oil transfer lance with suction strainer is used to transfer used oil through the unit to a clean drum. Drums can be colour coded and marked to customers' requirements e.g. filtered hydraulic 32 oil or used hydraulic 32 oil etc. Drums are located on a lightweight yet sturdy 230 litre plastic bund and drum. Drum topper spill mats and quick release coupling bungs and caps are used to maintain cleanliness in the working area.

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