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Lubricating (Lube) Oil Analysis Service

Our lubricating (lube) oil analysis service tests your oil for: levels of contamination, system wear and its chemical make-up. These tests (detailed below) are performed in laboratory conditions and the findings, along with any recommendations or required actions, will be detailed to you in a comprehensive report.

The FA-ST Complete (UK) Lube Oil Analysis & Sampling Kit (LUBEKIT1) - featured below - is perfect for you to submit your lube oil samples to us. This kit can be used with engine, transmission, turbine, gearbox and hydraulic oils. It comes with a pre-paid jiffy bag and return address label, and is inclusive of the oil analysis service.

Please note the pre-paid Jiffy bag and return label are not included in our International Lube Oil Analysis & Sampling Kit (LUBEOMK).

Kit Contents

60ml PETG sample bottle, sample tubing, equipment ID labels, re-sealable plastic bag and a pre-paid, addressed postal jiffy bag to return your sample.

All-inclusive oil analysis service

Price is inclusive of the laboratory oil analysis, recommendations and comprehensive report, which will be issued to you in PDF format via an e-mail.

Fast Service Turnaround

Turnaround time from receipt of the sample in our laboratory to return of your report and recommendations is 2-4 working days.

Lube Oil Analysis Kit

Lube Analysis Tests Performed

Contaminants in oils pose a significant concern, especially given the challenging conditions under which engine oils must operate to ensure necessary lubricity and protection. Monitoring the levels of potential harmful contaminants is imperative. Our engine oil contamination testing suite encompasses the following key aspects:

  • Elemental analysis for contaminants - Identifies elements that may have entered the engine oil, such as boron, silicon, and sodium, which can contribute to increased wear on components.

  • Lubricity impact assessment - Addresses potential issues arising from the entry of water or fuel into the engine. Such intrusion can impact oil viscosity, significantly diminishing the lubricity properties of the oil.

  • Running problem detection - Examines the combustion process, particularly in cases where fuel is not burning correctly. This can lead to the formation of soot deposits, potentially causing an imbalance in the fuel-to-air ratio within the combustion chamber.

We also test for Boron, Silicon, Sodium and Soot, to allow you to see the state of the seals and combustion of the machinery the oil was take from.

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