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Technology, Us & Our Products

We are experts in providing everything you could need to start up or run your oil analysis, contamination control and oil filtration programs.

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Technology is the foundation of all of our products. Due to the nature of oil filtration and analysis, it is essential that our products are flexible, so that they are able to service all types of industries and applications of oil filtration and analysis. In order to achieve this we have an extensive range of products, most of which can be bespoke built to order, to meet your exact requirements.

Customer support is very important to us and we offer free customer service and advice on all of our products and on all aspects of the oil filtration and analysis industry. Even if you have not purchased products from us we are happy to answer your oil related questions.

Whatever your oil cleaning need may be, from initial setting up, staff training or sampling procedures right through to clips, sampling bottles, accessories and all things in-between, we offer a one stop shop providing a reliable, highly efficient, quality products and services.

We operate to ISO 9001:2008 and we are focused on ensuring that our customers are not only supplied with the correct solutions and products, but also know how to use them.

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