Micromag Magnetic Filters

Micromag Magnetic Filtration

Micromag Magnetic Filters

The Micromag Magnetic Filtration system incorporates the most powerful, natural, rare earth magnetic material to produce extreme magnetic flux fields to remove metal debris from fluids.

The units can be mounted onto existing filtration systems or directly to machinery and the Micromag is easily viewed and the fluid can be seen passing over the magnetic core where ALL metal debris is visibly removed. The unit has an anodized aluminium head and a clear filter bowl manufactured from Styrene Acrylo Nitrile (SAN). There are no parts to replace during cleaning.


Using the supplied cleaning tool, a fully contaminated core can be cleaned in under 30 seconds. Only metallic particles are removed from the filter and these can be easily disposed. There are no dirty cartridges!

The Magnetic Process

Contaminated fluid enters the inlet to be equally dispersed via radial channels, which slow the fluid down to pass over the outside of the centrally mounted 'rare earth' magnetic core. As more particles are attracted to the core the magnetic flux circuit geometry generates a controlled build up contamination, so ensuring that the filter cannot block. The fluid then returns to the flow circuit through the central core.

Micromag Magnetic Filters

Filtration Capacity

Micromag may be compact in size 5", 10" and 20" units but no other filter can match its capability with the units holding 900g, 1800g and 3800g respectively, resulting in less downtime, component protection and increased production.

Advantages of Micromag Magnetic Filters

The advantages of cleaning your oil with a Micromag Magnetic Filter include:

If the particles are magnetic the filter will trap them

No cartridges to change life

No pressure drop, even when fully loaded with contamination

Reduced environmental impact, no waste cartridges only the metal particles

No consumables required

Reduced downtime

Visual inspection

Complete package

Easy to install and to maintain

Industry Sectors

Many industries benefit from this filtration particularly those in Machine Tools, Manufacturing Automotive, Construction, Aerospace, Defence, Recycling, Hydraulic, Marine, Power Generation, Mining and Quarrying.