Magclamp - Magnetic Fixing System

The FA-ST Magclamp© magnetic fixing system is a quick and easy solution for supporting hydraulic & flexible hoses, water pipes/hose pipes and plastic and metal rigid pipework. Instantly clamp pipes to any steel frame work, tanks, vehicles & trailers, racking, ducting, machines etc. to keep footways and roadways clear, reduce trip hazards and help prevent loss of liquid during fluid transfer which could result in environmental damage.

When transferring liquid from one container to another via a flexible hose, the magnetic hose clamp can be used to secure pipe assemblies in the required positions for suction and return lines, keeping the hoses neat & tidy and with a 90º holder can be used to direct the fluid into the receiving container. Ideal for use ‘on site’ when temporary hose assemblies are required for filtering oils & fuels, re-filling plant and machinery with oil & diesel, installing pipe work and for keeping work areas hazard free and tidy.

The magnetic hose and pipe clamp can also be used for the temporary installation of a pipe run, no drilling or bolting required, no more cable ties or bits of rope: a neat, tidy and quick installation can be achieved. The Magclamp© can also be used for holding hydraulic lines, steel, copper or plastic pipes in place to enable a permanent fixing to be made.

Electrical cables can also be held off the floor to remove a trip hazard, particularly useful in warehouses, workshops, factories and construction sites. Ideal when working in wet areas to keep electric cables dry and tidy. Fasten cables and pipe work securely for temporary or permanent installation.

To reduce the risk to staff and the public of trips and falls, consider how easy it is to remove the obstacle from walkways, wherever there are steel supports the Magclamp can be used.

Reduce the risk of oil and fuel spills by securing hoses and pipes to tanks and machinery.

Magclamp Technical Data

Ferrite magnets can be used up to +180°C but may start to show some signs of weakening (demagnetization) when used in sub-zero conditions e.g. -10°C to -20°C. The design and application determines the actual optimal operating temperature range.

The optimum pull force of the magnet is released when the surface is made of steel and is flat, clean and has a thick cross section. For example a magnet may exert a force of 25kg on a 1mm thick piece of steel metal but exert a force 250kg on a sheet of steel plate greater than 10mm thick.

Health & Safety Information

Magclamp Warning

Do NOT use in explosive environments

Magclamp Warning

Very powerful magnet: Handle with care

Magclamp Warning

Do NOT give these magnets to children

Magclamp Warning

May affect operation of some watches

Magclamp Warning

Magnets can adversely affect pacemakers

Magclamp Warning

Do NOT allow magnets to fly together: They may shatter

Magclamp Warning

Do NOT place within 300mm of credit cards, floppy discs or hard drives

The Magclamp Product Range

Magclamp (Swivel)
Magclamp (Extended Swivel)
Magclamp (90 Degree)

The Magclamp is available in four standard sizes (ranging from 14mm to 39mm):

The rubber lining helps prevent damage to pipes and stops pipework from twisting. Larger sizes are available on request. Bespoke units can be made to suit customer applications. For example longer rod lengths, larger pipe clamps and heavy duty magnets are all available. Please contact us if you have a specific requirement and we will advise accordingly.

The Magclamp magnets come in two standard sizes:

63mm diameter by 14mm, this is used on the close coupled clamps and also on the two smaller sizes of clamp with the 100mm straight extension and the 100mm x 100mm 90º extension. This is a ferrite C5 magnet with a 35Kg pull.

80mm diameter by 18mm, this is used on the two larger clamp sizes with the 100mm straight extension and the 100mm x 100mm 90º extension. This is a ferrite C5 magnet with a 60Kg pull.

How to make your choice of Magclamp:

Measure the OD of the pipe or cable and decide on the clamp diameter required e.g. A ¾” internal bore hydraulic hose will measure approximately 30mm (depending on manufacturer) so a 26-32mm clamp will fit. Based on your application, choose between the close coupled, extended 100mm straight or 90 degree options. For flexible pipes we advise to space every 1 to 2 metres for parallel runs.

For plastic, copper and steel pipes 2-3 metres is ideal.

If suspending flexible pipes or cables from above then consider the optimum distance between clamps with regard to the 'sag' created by the hose or cable.