Kleentek Electrostatic Liquid Cleaners (ELC)

Kleentek Electrostatic Liquid Cleaners (ELC)

Kleentek Electrostatic Liquid Cleaner (ELC)

Kleentek Electrostatic Liquid Cleaners (ELCs) employ a unique electrostatic cleaning system to collect all types and sizes of contaminants, providing unrivalled levels of fluid cleanliness and machine reliability.

They are easily applied to the oil reservoir, circulating the oil through the cleaning chamber by its own pumping system. There are a range of different sizes to suit oil volumes and viscosities and are available to hire or buy.

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Benefits of Electrostatic Liquid Cleaners

The benefits of cleaning your oil with an Electrostatic Liquid Cleaner include:

Extends oil life

Extends component life

Reduces oil leaks

Available to hire or buy

Removes oil contaminants (to sub-micron levels)

Cleans internal surfaces (removes 'varnish’ deposits)

Removes oil oxidation products

Featured product

Kleentek Contamination Checker Kits

Kit Description

Kleentek Contamination Checker Kits are an easy way to measure oil contamination either on-site or in the lab. Using membrane filter technology an immediate result is available for all insoluble contaminants, including oil oxidation products, which are a major cause of machine malfunction. Hard particles can also be viewed under the microscope (provided) which provides an estimated particle count and an indication as to the type of materials present.


  • Instant results
  • Measures to sub-micron levels
  • Identifies all insoluble contaminants
  • Quick and easy to use
  • Portable – can be used on-site
  • Can be supplied as a product or a service