Oil Filtration Cabinets

Oil and Fuel Filtration Cabinets

Oil & Fuel Filtration Cabinets

Filtration cabinets maintain and improve the cleanliness levels of diesel fuel and most types of oils, removing particulate and water contamination and reducing the risk of bacterial contamination. In diesel fuel they also provide the agitation needed to prevent fuel from deteriorating.

All of our filtration cabinets are designed and built by us and can be installed either indoor or outdoor - as a permanent or temporary solution - either above or below ground on bulk fuel or oil storage and machinery tanks. The filtration cabinets can be wall mounted or supplied with their own stand and used with steel pipework and/or flexible fuel hose.

NB: Filtration cabinets are not suitable for use with petrol or flammable liquids.

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Filtration Cabinet Features

Filtration Cabinet Options

Rain hoods are available for external use and cabinets are available with a solid steel, fade resistant Perspex or glass glazed door.



Filtration Cabinet dimensions are H800mm x W600mm x D400mm.


Flow Rate

Flow rate at ambient temperature on new filter elements for diesel fuel is 20-25 lpm, 32 viscosity hydraulic oil 15-20 lpm. Filter elements are rated at 3 micron and will hold up to 1000ml of water per cartridge.

Key Filtration Cabinet Features

  • Isolator Switch & 230v electrics
  • Fully automated control with 24-7 Timer
  • Emergency Stop Button with Magnetic Mount
  • LED Running Indicator
  • LED Filter Block Indicator with Reset Button
  • LED Trip Indicator Inlet line Solenoid Relay with Indicator
  • Removable Steel Bund
  • Leak Detection Safety Float Switch
  • Fault Warning Beacon with Magnetic Mount
  • Mono M Range Progressive Cavity Pump
  • Pressure Gauge
  • Filter Lids with internally
  • Mounted Rod Magnets
  • IP66 rated Steel Cabinet

Benefits of a Filtration Cabinet

There are many benefits to a FA-ST filtration cabinet, including:

Contamination Resolution

Highly effective solution to remove particulate and water contamination from contaminated oils and diesel fuels.

Cost Effective

Reduces maintenance costs of your machinery and utilises low cost replacement filter cartridges.

Fully Automated Control

Filtration cabinet operation can be fully automated and controlled by a timer.

Simple Maintenance

Installation and maintenance is easy and our customer service team is on hand to fully support you - or we can do it for you.

Installation Service Available

We can come out and install your filtration cabinet for you on-site.

Multipurpose Application

Can be used to filter diesel fuel and most oils in storage tanks situated indoor or outdoor, both above or below ground.

Extends machinery oil life span

Keeps your oil clean and dry, extending it's life span and the life span of your machinery.

Reduces Component Failures

Proven to reduce the amount of component failures in your machinery, due to cleaner running.

UK Manufactured

All of our filtration cabinets are made to order and are manufactured by us in the UK.