Portable Patch Test Kit

Portable Patch Test Kit with Carry Case

Portable Contamination Oil Analysis Kit

The FA-ST Portable Patch Test Kit is a vital tool for identifying and monitoring the types and levels of contamination in fluid power systems. The kit enables instant visual analysis, through a microscope, of major types of system wear including bright and black metals, fibres, silica, plastics, elastomers and more. A sample of the test fluid is passed through a filter membrane via the vacuum pump, dried, and mounted in a membrane holder ready for visual assessment. Comparator charts are supplied with the kit to help establish and identify cleanliness levels of fluid samples.

The kit is supplied complete with everything required for taking samples, processing them and is simple to assemble and use. Please note: Petroleum Ether or other solvents are not supplied in this kit and will have to be purchased from a specialist supplier.

Estimate the overall contaminants in mg. dirt / 100ml oil by viewing the discoloration with the naked eye and comparing with the charts. Remember, you are looking at the overall density of the contaminants, not just the actual colour. Give an estimated ISO or NAS code by viewing under a 50/ 100 pocket microscope (other variations of microscopes can be purchased separately) and comparing with the supplied charts. You can also identify many different contaminants using the reference charts provided.

Contents include

A. Carry Case (x1)

B. Instructions and comparison reference charts (1 set)

C. Sample Bottles (100 ml. x12)

D. Vacuum pump with Magclamp stand (x1)

E. Sampling Vacuum pump (x1)

F. Test Tubes (50 ml. x2)

G. Funnel, patch holder & support. (3 pieces) 2

H. Spill Kit Granules (500g x1)

I. Waste Bottle (500ml. x1)

J. Wash Bottle (250 ml. x1)

K. Sampling Tube 6 mm x 5 mm. (13 metres x1)

L. PPE Gloves (x4) & Blue Mesh Wipes (x2)

M. Dirteeze Wet Wipes (1 Pack)

N. 0.8µ Micron Patches (x50) & 5 Micron Patches (x10)

O. Tube Cutter (x1)

P. Chemical Spill Mat (x1)

Q. Pocket Microscope with light. (60-100 magnification x1)

R. Smart Phone Clip On Microscope (60-100x Magnification)

S. Patch Cards (blank) (x50) & Reference Pach Card (x1)

T. Tweezers (x1) & Spatulas

U. Laminating Pouches (x100)

V. Marker Pens (x2)

W. Mini Scales for Weighing Grease Samples

Portable Patch Test Analysis Example

Portable Contamination Oil Analysis Kit