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Filtration Analysis Services Technology Ltd

How Clean is Your Oil?

Our aim is to increase the useable life of hydrocarbons within industries reducing the oil change intervals providing a positive environmental impact and reduce costs of oil disposal and replenishment equipment.


We are experts in the oil filtration and oil analysis industry and can provide you with everything you could need for all your oil or diesel filtration and analysis needs.

What We Do?

We pride ourselves on a conclusive Oil Filtration and Diesel Filtration service, ensuring the condition of your fluids and through our extensive analysis at our independent laboratory. needs are catered for, from initial setting up, staff training or sampling procedures, right through to our aftercare customer service and product support, we know that our customers are not only supplied with the correct products and solutions, but also know how to use them.

Whether you're wanting to perform your own on-site oil cleaning, or start-up your own oil analysis, contamination control or oil filtration programmes, we can supply you with the equipment and training you need - from custom made filtration rigs through to sampling bottles - we have a vast range of products that can be tailored for your specific needs.


We also offer a number of in-house oil filtration and analysis services, so if you'd prefer us to do the work for you, we have everything in place! We operate to ISO 9001:2015 standards, so from off-site oil filtration in our custom-built warehouses, oil analysis and reporting in our laboratory to training and product support, you can be assured that you are in safe hands.

We offer a "one stop shop" providing a reliable, highly efficient, quality service.

Our wide range of oil filtration products and services have been perfected over years of experience in the oil filtering industry.

Quality is guaranteed

Our certified oil analysis services, performed in our in-house laboratory, adhere to the highest industry standards and with ISO accreditations, you're assured a great service.

Sampling is the starting point for any successful fluid condition monitoring program. An accurate sample will provide the foundations for the successful implementation of any fluid monitoring program.

Tailored services for all industries - including on-site and in-house oil & fuel filtration, oil analysis & sampling, spill prevention & control, site installations and much more.

Brownell Vent Dryer Collection

Featured Product

  • Advanced Moisture Management - Designed to efficiently repel water and moisture, ensuring only dry air enters your equipment.

  • Cost efficient - Help you avoid costly repairs, downtime, and the replacement of critical components.

  • Easy installation - You can find the perfect fit for your equipment without needing modifications.

Contact Us

We encourage you to get in touch!

If you have any questions or want to talk to us about any of our oil filtration or oil analysis services or products, give us a call or whizz us an email.

Online Store

We supply the best products available for your oil filtration, oil analysis and oil sampling needs. Visit our online store to purchase your own oil filtration rigs, oil analysis and oil sampling kits, plus much more...

On-Site Filtration & Oil Analysis Services

Should you need assistance with on site tasks such as extracting contamination free samples or filtering oils or fuels then our expert engineers can assist.

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