Aqua-Zorb Water Free Cell

Aqua-Zorb Water Free Cell

Aqua-Zorb Water Free Cell

The Aqua-Zorb water free cell has been specially formulated to separate and extract water from fuels in tank bottoms.

Suitable for use with diesel fuel, petrol fuel, aviation fuel, kerosene and heating oils. Each cell comes with a 5 metre (longer if required) metallic woven anti-static retrieval line and easy to follow instructions. The outer cover is made from a stop-rip nylon material. The cell sits in the fuel tank bottom and absorbs the water. Remove the cell - remove the water!

Efficient separation of water from fuel

Separate water from diesel fuel, petrol fuel, aviation fuel, kerosene and heating oils.

Fast, efficient water decontamination

Fast, efficient water decontamination

Remove the water from your fuel tanks in minimal time, with minimal effort.

Appointed UK distributor

Appointed UK distributor

FA-ST Ltd is the appointed UK distributor for the Aqua-Zorb water free cell.

FA-ST Ltd is the appointed UK distributor for the Aqua-Zorb Water Free Cell.

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How the Aqua-Zorb Water Free Cell Works

Select the size of Aqua-Zorb Water Free Cell required

Select the size of cell required

When determining the size of the cell that you require for your application, ensure that you are aware of the diameter of the opening of the tank that is to house the cell. Once the cell has absorbed the water from your tank, the swolen size of the spent cell will need to fit though this opening to be extracted from the tank. Once you know your tank's opening dimensions, we can recommend the best size cell for your application.

The Aqua-Zorb Water Free Cell is available in a large range of sizes to suit tanks of all sizes in all industries; from small vehicle tanks to bulk storage 1,000,000,000 litre tanks.

Cells are currently available to fit a minimum opening of 38mm but bespoke cells can be manufactured to fit smaller apertures if required. If your tank only has a filler or dipstick point and does not have a suitable access manhole cover, then you can just install several smaller cells to get the same result as one larger one.

Insert the Aqua-Zorb Water Free Cell to your tank

Insert the cell to your tank

Lower the cell into your tank and leave it resting on the tank bottom where it will start to absorb the free water. The retrieval cord must be securely fastened to enable easy removal of the cell, preferably inside the cap or tank lid; it can easily be secured using the clip fastener to the inner cap chain or by using one of our Magclamps.

Aqua-Zorb Water Free Cell Operating Instructions

Operating Instructions

Once in your tank, you don't need to do much, as the cell will do its own thing and absorb the free water. You will need to periodically lift the cell to the surface of the tank to check the swollen size of it and once full you'll need to remove it from the tank and replace with a new cell.

Both the insertion and removal method is made easy with stainless steel tank rods and fasteners, complete with a strong anti-static retrieval line.

Future Water Prevention

Future Water Prevention

Once all of the free water has been removed from your tank, fit a new cell to absorb any future ingress of water. Also once the free water has been removed consider giving the fuel a polish to remove any remaining dissolved water and dirt.

Each kit is individually packed along with instructions of use, disposal guidelines and waste disposal bag.

Extremely cost effective method of removing excess water and the smaller cells are particularly suitable for marine and leisure boats, agricultural and forestry, transport, power generation and small storage tanks and home heating tanks.

Be Pro-Active... don’t wait until a water issue causes problems with filters, pumps and injectors. It will not go away on its own.