On-Site Oil Filtration Services

On-Site Oil Filtration Services

Need us to come to you?

We can assess and resolve your on-site oil and diesel contamination issues, providing you on-site oil filtration solutions.

On-Site Oil & Fuel Filtration

On-Site Oil & Diesel Fuel Filtration

Comprehensive on-site services offered to all businesses that use oil and diesel fuel.

  • Purpose built filtration rigs.
  • Large fuel and oil filtration volumes catered.
  • Storage, holding and day tank filtration.
  • Transfer rigs for new oil.

Oil & Diesel filtration rigs can be used to purge diesel tanks and clean storage tanks, and both our filtration rigs and transfer rigs (for new oil) can be hired and installed by us, or purchased outright for your own use.

Many storage tanks accumulate dirt particles, rust, bacterial growth and water over periods of time and eventually the levels reach a point where the contaminated fuel starts to enter the outlet supply line which leads to filter blockage, resulting in power failure. We can remove this contamination.

This service is of particular interest to all sites that utilise bulk storage tanks - such as hospitals, hauliers, quarries, office blocks, data centres and any other sites that rely on standby generator support during mains power electrical maintenance and power failures.

We initially visits the site and evaluates the oil condition and will advise on any remedial work that is required. We are always pleased to quote for your particular requirements.

Oil Sampling

Oil Sampling

Oil samples can be taken from live or dormant applications. These samples are then sent or taken to our Laboratory for detailed analysis.

From the results of this analysis, recommendations can be made for system cleaning.

For ease of future oil testing, Oil sampling points can also be installed on your systems.

Maintenance and Service Contracts are individually tailored to your company needs.

On-Site Machinery & System Filtration

On-Site Machinery & System Filtration

If your machinery has suffered a component failure - such as a ram break up, valve block failure or water ingress - or you have any other type of contamination in your system, our service will get your machinery oil ISO level back to normal. This on-site filtration process could include:

  • Installing a filter unit to your equipment.
  • Use of a filter rig.
  • Hydraulic hoses and steel pipe assembly removal.
  • Cleaning with compressed air and soft foam pellets.
Installation of Additional Filtration

Installation of Additional Filtration

This service is of particular interest to sites with bulk storage tanks, such as: Hospitals, Hauliers, Quarries, Office Blocks and Data Centres

In particular if you utilise standby generator support during mains power electrical maintenance and power failures.

Offline Filtration

Offline Filtration Unit

FA-ST Ltd will sample/test your system for contamination and install the correct filtration unit for your application. All types of plant and machinery are compatible:

  • Hydraulics, engines, transmissions, gearboxes, etc.
  • 1 to 2 hour Installation*.
  • On-Site installation by us
  • Self-installation available (if required).
Pressure Testing

Pressure Testing

All systems can be tested to determine if there is a loss/gain of pressure, pressure test points can be installed on most systems. Pressure test kits are available for purchase and can be designed for your particular equipment needs.

Contamination Control

Contamination Control

If you are wanting to introduce and implement Contamination Control at your workplace, we are available to guide you through this. We can design and present a policy - specifically for your business - to groups of your employees who wish to implement a Contamination Control Policy.