Off-Site Oil Filtration Services

Off-Site Oil Filtration Services

Want us to do the job for you?

Our Off-Site Oil Filtration services take away the time and effort it takes you to filter your oil or diesel. Simply extract the oil from its source, we'll pick it up (max of 1,000 litres per load), filter it and bring it back to you, cleaned to industry standards and to your requirements. The service includes:

Industry Standard Oil & Diesel Filtration

Industry Standard Filtration

With our oil filtration service, your oil will be filtered to industry standards; as per your requirements.

Cost Effective Oil & Diesel Filtration Services

Cost Effective

We're confident we can help reduce your oil filtration overheads and reduce your cost of waste disposal.

Oil Analysis Performed

Oil Analysis Performed

Pre-filtration, the cost effectiveness of filtering your oil is assessed, by performing oil analysis on a sample of your oil.

Collection of oil from your premises

Collection from your premises

Convenient pick up and return of your oil available; or you can transport it to us yourself.

In-House Filtration Experts

Our team of oil filtration experts have years of experience and qualifications with Oil Filtration, so you are in safe hands!

Suitable for Used and New Oil

Suitable for Used and New Oil

We have bespoke filtering techniques available to filter both new and used oils, as even new oil can be contaminated.

Volume Based Quotations

Volume Based Quotations

We'll provide an accurate quotation, based on your specific requirements and the volume of oil you require filtering.

Working To Your Oil Specification

Working To Your Specification

We can filter your oil to your target cleanliness levels.

Comprehensive Reporting & Recommendations

Comprehensive Reporting

Laboratory analysis report provided, detailing ISO Cleanliness and full contamination particle counts.

What is our Off-Site Oil Filtration Service?

It's off-site oil filtering, made simple! Deliver your oil to us and our filtration experts will filter the oil to your target cleanliness levels, removing the contaminates. We'll then provide you with comprehensive reports on the findings and bring it back to you; clean. This service is also beneficial if used on 'new' oils, which are not as clean as they should be. Ideally all new oils should be checked for cleanliness and pre-filtered before use.

Initially we would send you a sampling kit so that you could take a sample of your oil and return it to us (postage paid) so that it could be analysed to see if it is cost effective to filter. We would then quote you based on the volume of oil that requires filtering, along with any carriage charges (if applicable).

Arrangements can be made to collect from your premises or you can send your oil to us.

Our filtration systems are capable of removing particulate contaminants - dirt, wear metal particles, fibres - and water contamination. We filter oils to industry standards and our service can deal with 20 and 25 litre drums, 205 litre barrels and up to 24 Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC's) at a time.

We can filter oils for as little as 30 pence per litre, so by sending your oils to FA-ST we can assist in reducing your overheads and waste disposal costs.

After filtration, we provide a second laboratory analysis report with full details of ISO Cleanliness with full particle counts, viscosity @ 40°C, FW Index, water content, additives etc. The clean oil can be returned in your containers or in new 20/25 litre plastic drums, steel or plastic 208 litre drums or 1000 litre IBC’s. With our own fork truck facility and warehousing, along with good access for HGV's, we can accommodate full vehicle loads at any one time.

For further information regarding our Off-Site Oil Filtration service please contact us.

Off-Site Oil Filtration Process

Our off-site oil filtration service really makes it easy for you. See the overview of the steps involved below:

Oil Sample Analysis

A sample of your oil is analysed to determine the contamination levels and cost effectiveness to filter.

Oil Collection

Either deliver your oil to us or we can come and pick it up from you - either way it will arrive at our warehouses.

Oil Filtration

The oil filtration process is performed, to industry standards and to your desired levels of cleanliness.

Comprehensive Reporting

Full comprehensive reports are returned to you along with your oil, detailing contamination levels removed.